artist colonies
Posted by Roger Crimlis | 09 October 2016
The Hotel Chelsea, Part 1 – Art Communities

“The list of Chelsea residents past is so impressive as to appear fictitious” - Sarah Vowell,  Take the Cannoli, 2000. It’s unfortunate that most people’s knowledge of New York’s Hotel Chelsea is limited to its connection with Sid and Nancy, Andy Warhol’s Chelsea Girls or a Leonard Cohen song. The importance of the work produced...

How we hated tower blocks
Posted by Roger Crimlis | 20 June 2016
How we used to hate residential towers.

In the current London building boom with its many towers with benign and amusing nick-names, it’s hard to imagine that residential towers in the UK were until recently viewed with considerable hostility. Yet even at the height of tower hatred there was a brief moment when a select few saw the tall residential block as...

Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 05 June 2016
London; In Crisis

For anyone living in London the cost of housing is a hot topic. The price of housing has been rising faster than income for years. Initially effecting students and the low wage earners, expanding to the professional middle classes. The housing crisis seems to be a relentless chronic condition of the city. Year from year...

Posted by Gudjon Erlendsson | 31 May 2010
Democratic Morphology

DEMOCRATIC GEOMETRY; THE FORM OF NATIONAL PARLIAMENTS AND LEVEL OF DEMOCRACY Democratic Power The ideas of contemporary democratic canon are based around the concept that free wo/men elect representatives that then meet in assemblies and make decisions for the good of the people. There are exceptions to this where direct democracy side steps representation, the...