Roger Crimlis

Posted by | 23rd October 2017
Renovating on a Budget – Part 1:

Celebrate the existing. In urban hot spots such as Hackney, Brooklyn or Berlin, wholesale building repair is avoided as a stylistic choice. To people not resident in these design-pioneering neighbourhoods,...

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West Side Highway 1975
Posted by | 2nd March 2017
A West Side (Highway) Story

A few days ago I saw a flyer from 1972 promoting a concert by Eric Emerson’s band The Magic Tramps performing at New York’s Mercer Art centre. Later that day...

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Posted by | 24th February 2017
Soho – Part 1 – The birth of British rock and roll

The current demolition of many of the buildings, bars, night-clubs and cafes within London’s Soho risks destroying one of the UK’s most idiosyncratic areas. The on-going demolition with its subsequent...

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artist colonies
Posted by | 9th October 2016
The Hotel Chelsea, Part 1 – Art Communities

“The list of Chelsea residents past is so impressive as to appear fictitious” - Sarah Vowell,  Take the Cannoli, 2000. It’s unfortunate that most people’s knowledge of New York’s Hotel...

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How we hated tower blocks
Posted by | 20th June 2016
How we used to hate residential towers.

In the current London building boom with its many towers with benign and amusing nick-names, it’s hard to imagine that residential towers in the UK were until recently viewed with...

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