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Brick garden extension
Posted by | 9th December 2021
Disability adaption

“I think we are all more than happy with your design and the way it has turned out. It has certainly made life easier for everyone” Client. Disability adaption and...

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Posted by | 23rd October 2017
Renovating on a Budget – Part 1:

Celebrate the existing. In urban hot spots such as Hackney, Brooklyn or Berlin, wholesale building repair is avoided as a stylistic choice. To people not resident in these design-pioneering neighbourhoods,...

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London housing needs
Posted by | 3rd March 2017
London; Housing Solutions

Urban planning is a strategic endeavour. It involves the maintenance and improvements of the existing and facilitation of growth, or reduction. It uses statistical tools to predict future needs and...

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West Side Highway 1975
Posted by | 2nd March 2017
A West Side (Highway) Story

A few days ago I saw a flyer from 1972 promoting a concert by Eric Emerson’s band The Magic Tramps performing at New York’s Mercer Art centre. Later that day...

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Posted by | 24th February 2017
Soho – Part 1 – The birth of British rock and roll

The current demolition of many of the buildings, bars, night-clubs and cafes within London’s Soho risks destroying one of the UK’s most idiosyncratic areas. The on-going demolition with its subsequent...

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artist colonies
Posted by | 9th October 2016
The Hotel Chelsea, Part 1 – Art Communities

“The list of Chelsea residents past is so impressive as to appear fictitious” - Sarah Vowell,  Take the Cannoli, 2000. It’s unfortunate that most people’s knowledge of New York’s Hotel...

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How we hated tower blocks
Posted by | 20th June 2016
How we used to hate residential towers.

In the current London building boom with its many towers with benign and amusing nick-names, it’s hard to imagine that residential towers in the UK were until recently viewed with...

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Posted by | 5th June 2016
London; In Crisis

For anyone living in London the cost of housing is a hot topic. The price of housing has been rising faster than income for years. Initially effecting students and the...

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Posted by | 31st May 2010
Democratic Morphology

DEMOCRATIC GEOMETRY; THE FORM OF NATIONAL PARLIAMENTS AND LEVEL OF DEMOCRACY Democratic Power The ideas of contemporary democratic canon are based around the concept that free wo/men elect representatives that...

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Posted by | 30th May 2009
Designing a Hof (Pagan Temple)

Temple of the Asatru These are some thoughts on Norse pagan temples that came out of the design competition for the temple of Reykjavik. The pre-christian Greek and Roman pagan...

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