Siglo Spa

Siglo Spa
Siglufjordur, Iceland

Project ArchitectGudjon Thor Erlendsson
Spa, aimed at growing tourism

The context becomes the driving factor of the design, playing with the juxtaposition of a working harbour and leisure facility.


Siglufjordur is a fishing village on the north shore of Iceland. The deep fjord faces to the arctic circle and is surrounded by snow caped mountains. The fjord was settled during the eight century viking settlement of Iceland. In the 19th and early 20th century the town became a dense industrial town based on the herring industry.


The town went into decline with the reduction of the herring fishing and much of the old industrial heritage has disappeared.

At the start of the 21st century the town started to develop a tourist service focused on skiing and industrial heritage.

Siglufjordur, despite it’s small size has a city heart, and its built fabric is an eclectic mixture of small corrugated metal shacks and large concrete multi-storey buildings.


The project selects an empty site of a demolished factory for a spa, aimed at the new tourism. The context becomes the driving factor of the design, playing with the juxtaposition of a working harbour and leisure facility. The pools are spaces into the ground surface and a large undulating second level sits on top of the main facilities. Changing and amenity spaces sit on the second level.

Computational methods are used to organise the facility through solar analysis, and structural optimisation.