Bilim Park Incubator

Izmir Bilim Park incubator building

Ardalis Ltd.Şti.

Service Engineers:
Electricity – Özyavru Ltd.Şti.
Electricity – Gültay Ltd.Şti.

Main Contractor:
Kuryap Ltd. Şti.

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi Denetim Ekibi; Arch. Mehtap Altuğ, Civ. Eng. Berna Kaya and Elec. Eng.
Gudjon Erlendsson (AUDB) & Özlem Akın
Project Architect/project manager:
Hüsnü Alpan


Design Team:
Mehtap Altuğ, Cemre Akalın
Erin Yıldırım
Ertunç Hünkar


Structural Engineers:
Ardalis Ltd.Şti.
Izmir Bilim ve Teknoloji Park A.Ş.
The structure is unusual for Izmir

as it employs the use of a steel frame that is configured as a system of V-shaped alternating steel columns.

AUDB completed two new incubator buildings at Izmir Bilimpark in the Menderes region of Izmir in the summer of 2015. The project, which cost a total of 7m TL, was carried out in collaboration with IEU, ITOB and the Ministry of Industry, and forms part of a wider initiative by the Turkish Government to develop university oriented technological incubator initiatives.

The completed buildings form the first of 3 phases of the Bilim Park Development.  For the 2nd phase the ITOP Bilim Park site will provide 6,600 m2 of tech industry production units and 4,250 m2 of offices and research laboratories. The 3rd and final phase which will be located at Izmir University of Economic’s new Goztepe campus, which plans to open in 2016-17.

The completed phase 1 buildings were designed to provide a variety of office spaces, research labs and associated multi-purpose areas for knowledge exchange. Although the two buildings are separate, they are linked by a series of bridges. The structure is unusual for Izmir as it employs the use of a steel frame that is configured as a system of V-shaped alternating steel columns. The structure contains additional bracing to help withstand earthquakes. The building also employs solar shading and insulation strategies in a rain-screen cladding system to minimise the buildings reliance upon non-renewable energy sources.

Ekrem Demirbas, the President of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce has said that this initiative well help to address the needs of Turkey’s growing young population by increasing higher education provision and at the same time linking with hi-tech research and development facilities that will help to promote entrepreneurial skills for young start-up companies.