Turf City

Turf City
Vatnsmyri Master plan, Second Place Winner

Buro Happold
Andy Murdoch
Joao De Campos Cruz
Landscape architects
John Pegg
Environmental consultant
System Science
Hordur Haraldsson
Project directors
© Gudjon T. Erlendsson
& Jeffrey Paul Turko
Project team
Gudjon T. Erlendsson
Jeffrey P. Turko
agmar Sirch
Sibyl Trigg
3D Visualization
Jesus R Velazco

Vatnsmyri Master plan, Second Place Winner

Reykjavik City Council set forth a visionary ambition for an extension to the old city center in Reykjavik, Iceland. The international competition for this airport site ran from 2006-07. In 2007 the project was awarded the second price in the competition.

The vision sets out to develop a clear local/global identity for a site that stands in strong relation with the existing region and future city Reykjavik. Turf City has been conceived from the traditional Icelandic turf houses and the relationship with the landscape/ground, the space it produces and how these instances blur between each other. The aim is to use these conditions as an architectural rule for generating a new urban condition that offers the desired spatiality of evolved European cities and the functionality of designed cities of the 20th century.


Turf City fly-over